“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”

W. Churchill

Stress management


This day and age demands a lot of people. We work from deadline to deadline, and the capacity of personnel on the work floor to carry out assignments can be very limited. These factors can put unnecessary pressure on staff or yourself. This strain can result in tension and ultimately stress. With a training by ATLAS consultancy, we can provide tools to handle the pressure. We want the individual to recognise stress inside himself/herself and within staff/ co-workers. When one is able to do this, one can become more effective in encountering these symptoms. Ultimately, we want to offer the individual opportunities that will increase his/her mental resilience.

The ATLAS consultancy experts have extensive experience in training mental resilience due to their military background. They can teach the individual strategies that will help them to cope better with tension and stress.

This is a selection of possibilities we offer. Of course, the need of the client remains paramount, and customization is provided in order to achieve the right training.