“When you can’t change the direction of the wind, adjust your sails.”

H. Jackson Brown Jr.



Leadership training


Motivating people for the sole purpose of stimulating desired behaviour, testifies to a view of objectifying people. Objects which can be set in motion just like a billiard ball, if you use the right striking technique. But, how can someone show his/her true talents in such a relationship? Inspiring people and showing leadership is something which can be done with the aim of achieving desired behaviour of the other person. However, the most inspiring leaders are not always consciously trying to inspire their people. Nonetheless, they are always passionate. They fully believe and support what they do. Then a spark can ignites the team member, even though that may not have been the primary goal. The team member is then inspired by the manager, acting as a source of inspiration.

In order to achieve this, a leader needs a 'toolset' to be able to achieve the set goals together. With our training, we can make managers aware of their own behaviour, and the effects of their behaviour become visible. When a manager is aware of his/her own behaviour and understands the effects of this, he/she can increase team effectiveness and achieve the set goals more efficiently.


Methods which are used include:

-McLelland's Iceberg

-Situational Guiding II (Hersey & Blanchard)

-The dimensions of inspiring leadership

-The Ethical Awareness Model

-Blake & Mouton

-Transformational leadership