“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

A. Einstein





Often, people are unaware of their own behaviour. As human beings, we determine what we want to show others with our behaviour. The visible part of behaviour is usually clearly perceptible and can be divided into verbal and physical behaviour. The invisible part of behaviour is internal behaviour. This can be divided into cognitive behaviour (thoughts) and emotional behaviour (feelings). Conscious behaviour is a choice, however, subconscious behaviour is not. For example, as a person you can choose how to do things and how to act in certain situations. You can choose how to approach someone and how to behave towards others. Much of this behaviour is done subconsciously. Subconscious behaviour often steers the conscious behaviour, e.g. certain believes or opinions from your upbringing. When you, as a human being, have to make a conscious choice, your decision is subconsciously weighed up against your beliefs.


What you can achieve with our trainings:

-Awareness of what communication actually is

-Knowledge of your strength, and points for improvement in communication (both verbal and non-verbal)

-Awareness of the fact that you can use your own communication and behaviour to influence and steer behaviour of others

-Knowledge of various theories that lead to effective communication


These are just a few of the prospects we offer. Of course, the need of the customer remains paramount, and customization is provided in order to achieve the right training.