ATLAS Training & Consultancy


You want the best for your organisation. The best possible results through smooth business processes, build on a solid foundation. The ATLAS consultancy specialists make your business their top priority. They help making the right decisions at a strategic, tactical and operational level. This way you can focus fully on the development of your company. Our specialists have the know-how to elevate your organisation to a higher level. They look for innovative solutions to your problems, have broad expertise, and create opportunities for your company based on that knowledge.


ATLAS consultancy provides training courses which focuses on a broad target group, from an organisation to individual level. The methodology used has its origin in top sport and the military. With this method the organization, the individual and all levels in between, will develop a greater awareness of the person behind the employee and employer. This increases team effectiveness and recognises group processes in order to act effectively.


Our training will give managers several practical tools, which will help them to switch between leadership styles easily and effectively.


The ATLAS consultancy training has its focus on people. By creating awareness of the power you have as a person, this power can be used effectively to be a positive influence on your co-workers/ associates. 


Training’s development background


In response to the philosophy of the military and top sport which is taught in Papendal (NL), instructors Mike and Marchel (Elite members of Royal Dutch Army Air Assault Brigade) developed their philosophy into various training sessions. Several times, this philosophy has been tested during missions in different countries. Most recently in Afghanistan, where this operation was closely monitored at a strategic level by the U.S. Armed Forces. The awareness of the effects of one's own behaviour, and using it to effectively control situations, is an art. These training courses are used, for example, in the Royal Dutch Army's toughest executive training. This training is taught by the Air Assault Brigade.

About the instructors


Mike and Marchel have both been working for the Ministry of Defence since the late nineties. Both have done several missions in, among others, former Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition, they have received several awards for excellence in various functions. Over the past 5 years, they have been working as instructors at the leadershipcourse of the Air Assault Brigade.


Mike is a training and course developer specialist, and currently head instructor at the leadershipcourse of the Air Assault Brigade.


Recently, Marchel graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration, and is currently working as an officer with the Royal Dutch Army.